Optimize Flight Capacity

Maximize yield and increase cargo carried on every flight


Flight Capacity Management

Make sure every flight is an optimized flight

Our solution integrates with your booking engine to optimize flight capacity using declared and real-time cargo data on the network.


Accurate Shipment Evaluation

Achieve accurate and consistent estimates of loadable volume of the shipments.


Maximize Capacity for Sale

View booked capacity for each flight at any point and get accurate and consistent estimates of the remaining capacity for sale.


Maximize Flight Capacity

Generate the ideal cargo offer based on aircraft type, allocations and booked cargo load to ensure maximum cargo carriage.


Flight Trimming

Create the ideal mix of cargo to maximize capacity and yield on a flight based on airline business priorities.


Instant Load Plans

Create unitized ULD level load plans for your GHA to execute build-up as planned.

Digital Cargo Corridor



Real-Time Information

Connect your operating stations digitally - get complete digital information of the cargo as it transits through the network. Use real-time information of cargo to improve the performance of multi-leg flights and hub & spoke operations.

New Insights

Get new insights that help you understand shipper behavior better. These insights also improve efficiency in executing booked and carried cargo across the network. Improve handling, increase efficiency and enable the creation of new revenue models.