Ground Handlers

The Digital & Automated Warehouse

Achieve efficient, consistent operations:
maximize cargo carriage with your existing infrastructure


Cargo Digitization

Integrate Cargo Eye with your existing workflow

Digitize cargo at any stage of the ground handling process and gain access to new digital data of physical cargo. We help you enhance the quality of your service to your customers and create new revenue opportunities.


Capture precise dimensions of the cargo at Acceptance by integrating Cargo Eye in your workflow. Integrate data from weighing scales, X-Ray machines, temperature measurement equipment and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Scan Piece Level & Consolidated Cargo

Flexible scanning of cargo as individual pieces or as consolidations.

Identify Cargo Variance and Under-Declared Cargo

Identify variance between declared versus actual cargo volume. Identify cargo that has been under-declared, eliminating revenue leakage.

Contour Check of Fully Built-Up (Coming soon)

Validate contours of fully built-up ULDs to ensure safety and compliance before transfer to the aircraft.

Digitize Partially Built-Up ULDs (Coming Soon)

Identify free space available for additional cargo that can be loaded on the ULD, an insight crucial for transshipment cargo handling.

Create Cargo Audit Trails

Generate high-resolution images of the cargo for acceptance and build-up records. Create an audit trail of the cargo handling process.

ULD Build-Up Management

Optimal and accurate planning in seconds

Optimize ULD capacity every single time. Ensure quality build-up with step-by-step loading instructions.

Maximize Capacity on ULDs

Real time access to information of cargo in the warehouse ready for carriage makes it possible for planners to create build up plans for individual ULDs ensuring that they are maximized for capacity.

Auto-Generate Build-Up Instructions

Generate a detailed plan for ULD build-up for the cargo handler, along with the sequence of cargo to be retrieved and a step-by-step guide for build-up. Our system is flexible to accommodate changes to the plan and last minute additions to the ULDs.

Increase Productivity

Improve the planner’s ability to manage multiple flights simultaneously. Make your build-up operations efficient by reducing the number of open pallets and eliminate the need for data entry with digital build-up records.

Share Cargo Occupancy Data with Airlines

Share data on the cargo occupancy as well as the usable space available on each ULD with Airlines, who can use it for forward & hub operations, as well as for creating models for booking.

Warehouse Automation

Automate handling from acceptance to build up

Create express lanes for automated cargo handling from acceptance to build up. Maximize productivity and cargo carriage per sqm using Gudel advanced gantry system with our proprietary vision and motion planning technologies.

Automated Acceptance

Automate the acceptance of physical cargo and document validation through an integrated system for digitization, screening and handling.

Automated Buffer for Storage and Retrieval

Manage accepted cargo at the warehouse efficiently by automatically storing & retrieving cargo for Build-Up.

Automated ULD Build-Up

Build a ULD pallet automatically and efficiently with an integrated system that orchestrates the Build-Up process. Detailed plans are created and executed based on the cargo in the warehouse. Intelligent sequencing ensures high-capacity utilization, quality of Build-Up and consistency in operations with high volume of cargo.